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Founded: 1994 – Lumex Technologies; Entered U.S. Market in 1995
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Focus: Lumex designs and manufactures an extensive line of affordable, high-definition and Internet video-ready projectors and digital cameras.

Lumex  Technologies, The Projector Company, is one of the fastest growing consumer electronics manufacturers in the U.S., providing intuitively designed projectors for the business and mainstream markets. Compact, fashionable and affordably priced, Lumex Projectors are setting trends for high-quality, easy-to-use consumer electronics.

Lumex’s projectors are loaded with advanced features such as true 1080p high definition video and expandable flash memory at a price point for everyone. The Lumex product line comes in a vast array of design styles and sizes for every type of lifestyle - from the pocket-sized HD projector that can go anywhere with you, to the newest ones, offering the highest resolution video available on the market today.

Lumex is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lumex USA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers (OEM/ODM) of projectors for more than 15 years. Lumex is a preferred brand for resellers and consumers who want to buy that are fashionable and price-competitive.


Why Lumex:

With projectors representing the largest consumer electronics growth segment in Q4 2008 (CEA Research), Lumex’s high-quality, low-cost approach makes its products industry standouts. Lumex has designed its ultra-portable, feature-rich line of projectors to meet the evolving needs of the digital media consumer for a fraction of the cost of other HD video projector manufacturers.

Lumex digital projectors continue to set trends and lead the market in design, functionality and affordability for the on-the-go video enthusiast.