With this App you will have a more professional interactive experience with your projector. You can connect your IOS device to your projector using the projectors Local Area Network (LAN), using this app you can push images and/or videos to your projector. You can also use your IOS device as a wireless mouse/track-pad to control your projector. Projecting the contents of your IOS device has never been easier, project videos, music, pictures, office files, and enjoy them on the big screen. You can also send or receive files to and from you IOS device and projector. We realized the interaction between IOS device and you projector, is something that most people would like to do, so we created this app to make your projection experience a whole lot professional and convenient, no more looking for the correct cable or being limited to the cables length all you need to do is install the app connect your phone to the projector and start sharing your content.